Monday, December 8, 2008

The one where I catch up

So now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over and my Christmas weekend with M's family is complete, I can get down to the business of Christmas.

I feel like I can finally relax now. The house is mostly decorated. It was a whirlwind of activity -- tinsel and candy canes and Santas and all the Nativity sets. I managed to place everything somewhere. And I like where I put it all. I mixed things up a bit this year. This is the third Christmas in the house so I decided it was time to alter the decorating plan a bit. It worked well. :)

B1 is well. He has a Christmas parade this Saturday. He had a Greek god/goddess project due today. I had to scrounge to find a white sheet. That's just not something I have in my house. Red, brown, pink, blue -- yep, I have them. But white?!?!? Not really. Somehow, through the grace of the Almighty I managed to find the ONE white flat sheet we own. Whew!

B2 apparently is coming down with a cold as he ASKED to take some Dimetapp this morning. So we drugged him up and off he went to school.

C and I are counting down the days until we leave for our weekend trip to see the Radio City Christmas show. :) Yay! We'll get to do some shopping too!

I have asked to join the Magical Holiday Home's "Holiday Tour of Homes". Yep, I'm putting myself out there with the experts.

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