Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The one where I scream

Great. I decided to join the MHH "Holiday Tour of Homes" and then I got home last night and plugged the family room tree in; NO LIGHTS! I have yet to figure out what the deal is. I hope I can get it working again by Sunday so I can get it in the pictures. I will NOT put a picture of a dark tree in the tour. I HATE that. Which reminds me that the tree was dark when I got home last night, even though M and B2 had been home for a couple hours already. WHY do they just leave it like that? (And before anyone tries to defend them, all the other trees were dark as well. It's not like they plugged it in and discovered that the family room tree wasn't working!)

B1 is on my list. I don't know who he thinks he is, but he had better watch it. Little boys who want to take their tests for their driving permits are nicer to their mommies than he has been.

B2 continues to take Dimetapp for his cold. Last night, he asked how often you could take it:

'You can take Dimetapp every 4 hours, right, Mom?'

'Yes, every 4 to 6 hours I think. When was the last time you took it?'

'This morning.'

'So 14 hours ago? I think it'll be okay to take it again.'

What a goof!!!!

C's dance classes have "open window" week this week. I got to see her work en pointe last night. She's coming along. She needs to work more during the week, though. She'll really see some improvement if she does that.

We're having a Rainbow demonstration tonight -- my friends R and D gave them our names. We're NOT buying one. NOT.

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