Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whoa! Where did November go?

It's been weeks -- almost 3! -- since I've blogged about anything! What's up with that? I'll tell you what -- LIFE! Mine has been busy lately.

Here's what's been up:

The big game didn't go well. :( Our band rocked the house. :)

Had a little breakdown a couple weeks ago. I feel much better now.

Finally, FINALLY got the big seasonal switch of clothing done. Whew! Thank God for that.

C and I got up late the morning of the convention. Thank God my friends and I always plan to leave much earlier than needed. Our friends L and S also woke up late that day. We'd all worked a fundraiser late the night before.

B2 is on the computer too much. We're working on that.

Nothing else new to report, at least nothing I can remember. Thanksgiving -- a fabulous holiday -- is in two days. And it's snowing. Snow here in November is not so unusual, but we've already had a snow day! I do not like this, not one little bit. Perhaps this early snow means we're getting it all out of the way and the rest of winter will be a breeze! I could get my mind around that!

Three days from now is one of my favorite days. BLACK FRIDAY! On that day, I go out to shop. I don't necessarily leave in the dark. I don't fight with people over the last _____. I just shop all day and into the night and sometimes the wee hours of Saturday morning. I can spend, within reason, what I want and not worry about it. I.LOVE.THIS.DAY. :)

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