Monday, December 29, 2008

I wish you a Merry Christmas


I'm a few days late in wishing that, if you aren't counting those 12 days! I personally think we can say "Merry Christmas" for many days after the 25th. :)

B1 did pass his test so he now has his Learner's permit. I think he's driven exactly once since that day.

B2 wanted a puppy for Christmas very badly. He's had to resort to playing with the neighbors' dogs. I can see him as an adult now: huge farm, 47 dogs.

C was very happy with what Santa brought.

Christmas was a wonderful day -- we spent time together. We spent time with our family. We spent time with our friends who are like family. It was just great.

I have some more pictures of decor to share, though I STILL haven't photographed the half bath. Not that it's incredibly exciting, but it's my holiday/season room. I change the towels/soaps and dishes or dispensers/decorations according to the season or holiday being experienced.

On to the pictures:

a couple of the many Nativities I have collected:

this plastic one is a larger version of one we had when I was growing up.

The breakfast area table and French doors leading to the deck:

The kitchen sink area:

Basement door:

Good kitty, Gabby: Good kitty's stocking:

Cute Santa I found at Dollar General!

Coffee table:

Two tiny Nativities on the coffee table:

(one appears to be missing a few players. Perhaps the aforementioned "Good" kitty has been playing?!?!)

Bayberry candle, ready for Christmas morning:

I have a few other pictures that I'll share this week.

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