Monday, February 9, 2009


We made it through January! And the first week of February, which wasn't much better. Now, it's a lovely 55 degrees, the snow is gone for awhile, and I can enjoy this brief peek into Spring.

C and I had our first dance trip and it was a good one. Our studio had a lot of success! We can't wait for our Cleveland trip in a couple of weeks. Of course, I say that now but ask me when it's Thursday and we're leaving Friday afternoon and I am not packed and haven't been to the grocery store and. . .

B1 had a successful weekend while C and I were away. He placed 3rd in the County Math Field day and advances to the regional competition next month! It's very exciting. This is the best he's done since he started competing in Math Field day in 4th grade!

B2 continues his Soccer drills on Sunday afternoons/evenings. He complains a little, but it's good for him. :)

We have sent a video audition of C for considerations for American Ballet Theatre's Young Dancers Program. A photo in 1st arabesque was required. Here is the one we sent:


Miss Britt said...

she has very nice form! i studied ballet for nearly 10 years. i miss it.

aek269 said...

Thank you! I studied Ballet and other dance as well, and even taught for awhile. My daughter is far better than I ever hoped to be. (except at tap -- she's really not that good at it and freely admits it!)

Thanks again for the kind comment. :)