Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IS 40 the new 30?

Jennifer Aniston and I have something (probably just ONE thing) in common. We're both now 40. She turned the big 4-0 sometime last week. Today is my birthday. Woohoo!

Actually, I don't really have any problem with it. I mean, it's just a number, though a larger number than I have ever been before. Age is really all about attitude, isn't it?

But here's the thing: Yes, Jennifer Aniston looks amazing. So do a bunch of other celebrities who turn 40 this year. They look great; they feel great. They are in their prime. Good for them.

Yes, they work. But do they work all day, only to later schlep their children from one place to another, not getting home until 9 or after nearly every evening of every week of every year? When they arrive at their homes, do they have to dust, vaccum, wipe, wash, sweep, polish, and shine? Do they have to go to bed without working out yet again because they are just too darn tired to fit it in today's schedule -- or, worse yet -- it's already tomorrow so there's no possible way of exercising today, er, yesterday.

I'm just sayin'. . .

Now, am I happy to be 40? You bet! I'm still alive -- I have a wonderful family and great friends. Do I look as amazing as Jennifer Aniston? No way. Let's face it though, I never really did. So on this day of turning 40, I truly say "woohoo!".

To all my friends who are forty, who are past forty, or who will ONE DAY be forty, 40 might not be the new 30, but it's just fine. :)

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