Monday, January 26, 2009

January Blahs

We've nearly made it through January! I hate to wish away time, but this month is one that I can usually do without. It's cold. It snows. It's dreary. Ugh.

Our winter weather this year has really gotten me down. But, there have been some pretty snows and I like those. And it's getting lighter earlier and staying lighter later into the evening. A sure sign that we're working our way out of the doldrums! Yay!

I had planned a whole Rudolph weekend of sorts, but only got through half of it. My friends K, J, M, D, C and I spent the whole day making candy. We made orange, tangerine, lime, grape, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, blackberry, raspberry, lemon, pink lemonade, spearmint, wintergreen, and cinnamon hard tack candy. Yum! I laughed at us when it came time to make the cinnamon. We saved it for last since it's the most potent. As we poured each batch out (made 4 turns), we opened the door so the vapors could escape. M and I would actually go outside to escape the overpowering smell, walking to the front door to get back inside the house. The kids looked at us like we were nuts.

I've decided the other project can wait for February Rudolph day. :)

C and I will be out of town this coming weekend for the first dance competition and workshop of the year. I have a bazillion things to do to get ready, but I'm looking forward to the trip.

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