Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The title is me, rolling my eyes.

Let me preface this post by saying that I love my cat. I really do love her. Sure, she's a little skittish; she only has lovey lap time about twice a day. She frequently turns the love sessions into a biting/playing fest. But I love her.

Today, however, we went for her annual check up at the vet's office.

All was well; she got her Rabies and feline leukemia vaccines. Her skin/coat/eyes/teeth looked good. Great. Do you have any concerns?

Well, there's this thing where she pees on sweatshirts or whatever the kids take off and throw down.

Has it been all the time or just recently? Has it gotten worse?

Well, she didn't do it when we first got her home. Yes, it's become more frequent.

Ahhh, then it could be cystitis. That's usually the case with a young cat. Let's spin her urine and look for crystals. I'll do an ultrasound of her bladder. We'll see what's up.

Yes, Mrs. K, Gabby seems to have cystitis. We'll give her an anti-inflammatory injection and then start her on a special food, which will be a lifelong diet.

I love my cat.

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