Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a difference 10 years makes

This time 10 years ago (9:36am) I was in PAIN, and lots of it. I was 8 minutes away from delivering my third, and last baby. What I didn't know at that time was that she'd be a she. I had my two sweet boys and was waiting to see if this new one was "C" or "C". (She was "C"!) Parts of the last ten years have gone by slowly, but mostly it's been a zero to 60 in 8 seconds kind of feeling. Wow.

C wanted to take cookie sandwiches to share with her class today. We made chocolate chip cookies last night until midnight. (Well, I stayed up until midnight.) Since I fell asleep on the couch waiting on the last sheet of cookies to cool, I didn't get icing made. Thank GOD we had icing in the cupboard. (Good thing there were VBS leftovers). This morning I checked the can for allergy warnings because C's friend K can't have nuts. All clear! So I slapped the icing between two cookies and placed them in Autumn themed cupcake papers. Viola!

B1's soccer game last night ended well for his team. On to the next round in the Sectionals tourney. Last night they beat a team they'd lost to in regular season. Saturday they play a team they beat in regular season. I wonder how that will turn out?!?!? I don't think I should show up, since as soon as I arrived at last Saturday's game, the other team scored 2 and later won the game. (This was a different tourney, and B1's team was playing a team they'd already beaten in regular season! They were playing for 4th place then. Earlier in that tournament they lost to a team they'd beaten in the regular season. See why I wonder about Saturday!?!?!)

B2 is such a difficult child at times. He argued with me this morning about dressing up to see a performance in M-town today. I gave him JEANS and a plaid shirt. That's not dressing up! That's just dressing. @@ That child wears me out.

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