Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another day, another day

The FSU Homecoming parade was last night. Lots of interesting floats that made my friend C and I wonder if the theme for Homecoming this year had something to do with a bar. Another friend suggested that it was just a general college theme and had nothing to do with Homecoming specifically.

But I digress. The real highlight of the parade, for me anyway, was B1's Band performance in the parade. His band was the best in the parade. Always is. :)

C is having her school picture taken today. We rolled her hair last night, and got all the clothes ironed and ready to go. Then we had a small issue with tights this morning, but it ended fine.

B2 is limping, as his hamstrings are sore. (Soccer practice last night) He can be a bit dramatic with this kind of stuff so I'm never sure exactly how bad he's feeling. He wrapped it and went to school.

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