Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here we come a caroling . . .

So I've been thinking lately about the upcoming holidays.

I read the forums at Magical Holiday Home, and try like heck to keep up with these ladies who keep Christmas all year through. They don't leave their decorations up 24-7-365; they just are always preparing so that they are ready and not stressed when the Holidays arrive. I want to be them. I just have trouble executing the plans because one or more of B1,B2, or C's activities gets in my way.

I am going to do a fast get it together month in November. I do not host Thanksgiving, therefore, I will do my very best for my home to be in total order by Turkey Day (my actual favorite holiday), so that Black Friday can be spent shopping from wee hours to wee hours. My Saturday of that weekend will see me sleeping in just a little and then hitting the Christmas decorations with full force! After Church on Sunday I will get back into it. Of course, everyone will be on board to help, whether they want to or not. With M's family coming the next weekend to do our "Family Christmas", decorating will need to be completed by bedtime Sunday!


Soon I'll be entertaining you with my thoughts and ideas for Holiday decorating. Sounds fun, no?!?!?!?

The above is a picture of the Living Room tree last Christmas, just to get you in the mood.

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