Saturday, December 19, 2009


We have a lot of it!!! At this point, I can measure around a foot. It is still snowing, and is supposed to keep on snowing right through tomorrow morning. Yikes!

Church services for tomorrow have already been cancelled. That's a big disappointment, because our service tomorrow was going to be so special. First the Bell Choir was to play. Then my children's choir kids were ready to sing two songs. A young man/former dance student of mine who is a professional actor/singer/dancer had prepared a beautiful medley of
Angels, we Have Heard on High/Silent Night/O Holy Night. My daughter, C, was going to dance during the "Angels" section, ending by ringing the C5 bell as J began singing Silent Night. The Chancel Choir was prepared to join him on the chorus of Silent Night, and then J would continue into O Holy Night. Then, as if that wasn't enough music, the Chancel Choir had prepared a beautiful Cantata. B1 had a solo in it. All that hard work and now . . . nothing. There is hope that the Cantata can be done at the early Christmas Eve service. I hope I can get my children's choir together for that service, or maybe for next Sunday's service. I'm not sure if J will be in town long enough to get to do his songs.

BUT, we're all safe and sound. It's a beautiful snow, and we're enjoying this time together. I have baked and cooked (and washed dishes) all day long.

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Belles said...

Okay now that I've joined your blog I'll be expecting you to post more often. You sound like me if and I when I ever GET a snow day, I spend it baking and cooking, but I love every minute of it. Enjoy your family time and do some snuggling.